Do bear in mind and consider that when you participate in the Imagine-Pangea, the
audiences you aim to reach may not just be in another country, but will also speak
another language and have a different culture from yours. More than that, people
who hear you may have always lived in a rural area, away from the internet, the big
cities, cinemas and all that urban culture entails. So, our tip is to speak in a way that
can be understood by all.


So, for example, instead of making analogies and metaphors using diffused
elements solely from major media such as TV series or video game characters, it is
preferable to use elements of nature or agriculture. Remember that everyone likes a
good story, and that the best storytellers often are from an oral family tradition, and
who grew up listening to their family elders and others in their communities. A story
set in a village context can be as universal as a fairy tale or a Hollywood movie!

The Imagine-Pangea does not request the inclusion of sensitive information in the
presentation. In order to preserve the rights of the authors of the research and future
publications, it is suggested that the exhibits include only the problem treated, its
relevance and the scientific approach adopted, emphasizing the basic idea of the
problem and the method of researching its solution. Published or not, sensitive
results can be used, if the applicant wishes, in order to valorize her/his work.

Watch some inspiring videos and good luck!


MT180 – Mathieu BUONAFINE – 1st Jury Prize – National Final 2016
«Study of the role of neutrophil gelatinase Associated Lipocalin at the cardiovascular
effects of activation of the mineralocorticoid receptor »

Other videos:

Falling Walls Lab: https://vimeo.com/146755910
Sabrina Badir – Breaking the Wall of Pre-Term Birth – Falling Walls Young Innovator
of the Year 2015

3MT: https://vimeo.com/185754339
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Winner – Joshua Chu-Tan “Targeting the Root of Vision Loss”